Recycling is easy when you know how.

At Visy, we're happy to share our knowledge with businesses, schools and the community to promote awareness of the value and importance of recycling. 

Visy not only provides recycling services to schools, but we also provide education programs to help teachers and students understand how each product is recycled - so that everyone can learn to recycle as much as possible!

Visy Enviromaniacs

Visy Enviromaniacs is our online education game, which can be played either in the classroom or at home. Aimed at primary school students in years 3 to 6, it focuses on the benefits of taking practical actions to help preserve and protect our environment. Find out more 

Project R - Education in Resource Recovery

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Meet Gloria Glass, Stevie Steel, Parker Paper, Ali Aluminium and Pete Plastic as they take you on a journey into the world of recycling! 

Aimed at school students in years 3 to 12, Project R is an education program based on the National School Curriculum, and operates at five centres across Australia including Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, and one centre in Auckland, New Zealand.

NZ Education Centre

Visy Education Centre - Auckland, New Zealand

Students participate in group tasks that challenge their behaviours and attitudes towards how they recycle, and are taken on a tour of the Visy facilities to help them better understand the closed loop process.

Best of all, the centre is not limited to school students! Project R can be tailored to anyone; from schools to workplace green teams to scouts to senior groups. After all, we are all students of the world and have much to learn about recycling and the environment.

Want to be part of the Project R Challenge?  Fill out the enquiry form and one of the Project R team will contact you shortly.

Project R locations:

  • Dandenong, Victoria
  • Smithfield & Taren Point, NSW
  • Gibson Island, QLD
  • Onehunga, Auckland - NZ
  • Or let the team come to you, with one of the Project R incursions!

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