Business Recycling


Wherever you spend your day, Visy has a range of services and products to make recycling simple.

Do you work in an office of 5 or 500? At a school, manufacturing site or restaurant? Wherever you spend your day, Visy has a range of services and products to make recycling simple.

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Visy offers collection and sorting services for:

  • Paper and cardboard
    Visy provides recycling services to offices, commercial premises, schools, industrial and manufacturing organisations, and any other location that generates paper and cardboard for recycling.
  • Locked recycling
    Designed for the recycling of sensitive documents, this service is suited to businesses that need to ensure such documents are appropriately handled. 
  • Co-mingled recycling
    Glass bottles and jars, plastic containers, aluminium and steel cans can all be placed in a separate recycling bin to paper and cardboard for collection and sorting. This service is ideal for many of our customers' businesses, particularly those in hospitality who generate a great deal of co-mingled materials but little paper.
  • Drop-off bins
    Visy provides access to drop-off bins to deposit recyclable material. Please check the locations for available hours and the types of materials accepted.

Equipment to help you recycle

Whether you need desk-top trays or wheelie bins, we can provide equipment for your business to make recycling as easy as possible.

  • Desk trays
  • Floor boxes
  • All-paper 240L bins
  • Co-mingled 240L bins
  • Locked recycling 240L bins
  • Compactor bins
  • Tippler bins
  • Balers
  • Bulk bins and cages
  • Front-lift bins
  • 660L and 1000L bins

Ready to recycle?

To start your recycling service, contact us on 1300 368 479 or email (in Australia) or 0800 847 969 (in New Zealand).


Business recycling tips

  • Reduce the amount of paper you use each day:
    • Use scrap paper for notes
    • Set your printer to print double sided only
    • Only print out emails or documents when absolutely necessary
  • Make sure you have access to paper, cardboard and co-mingled recycling services:
    • Place all used paper, used on both sides, in the Visy desk tray or bin
    • Collect cardboard boxes for recycling, flatten them, and place into your Visy bin
    • Place plastic bottles, aluminium cans, tin cans, milk and juice cartons in your Visy office co-mingled bin
  • Reduce your energy consumption:
    • Turn off computers when not in use
    • Turn off office lighting when not in use
    • Activate the sleep mode on your computer so it switches off the screen after 10 minutes of no use
    • Switch off office equipment at night when leaving the office
  • Reduce your waste:
    • Bring your own mug to work and have some set aside for visitors
    • Invest in a 'keep cup' for takeaway coffees to cut down on disposable cups
    • Try to bring lunch from home or eat in a local café to avoid packaging waste generated by takeaway lunches