Brand packaging

Lithographic printing

Image reproduction is an important part of packaging aesthetics. A high-quality image can really help add to the appeal of packaging on shelf, catch a consumer's eye, and ultimately help it succeed in the market.

At Visy, we offer lithographic printing - a high-end printing process that reproduces clear, sharp, full-coloured images on various types of packaging. With Visy's up-to-the-minute printing technology, this can be achieved by printing directly onto 100% recycled fibre or environmentally-friendly kraft paper, then laminating this paper onto corrugated board. Our printing processes allow for six colours plus varnish to maximise impact. Lithographic printing also allows for accurate, intricate die-cutting, which makes it ideal for packaging purposes.

When image counts, customers can opt for premium lithographic printing. This is done using state-of-the-art, large format printers, which produce unrivalled colour reproduction that can be further enhanced by a range of varnishes. In-house pre-press and converting resources, including board-making, laminating, forme-cutting and gluing means your job is controlled from start to finish - all under one roof.

Standard and forme-cut boxes

Short run printed or plain, Visy has a cost-effective and environmentally friendly packaging solution to cater for your needs. Whether it's a custom design or one of our many existing lines, we have the people and production resources to fulfil your requirements quickly and innovatively.

Shelf ready packaging

Well-executed shelf ready packaging protects your products throughout the supply chain and gives them an extra edge when displayed on shelf.  Visy's lithographic shelf ready packaging produces bright, sharp and consistent displays so that your branding is true to your product and will stand out from the crowd.

Visy produces cartons in board grades ranging from lightweight microflute to BE twin cushion, where product weight is the key consideration. 

Featuring a unique 2 piece shelf ready carton option, these cartons eliminate untidy perforations and the use of knives in store to 'cut open the carton', which helps avoid injury or damage to products.