Contractor Induction

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It's critical that all contractors performing duties on a Visy site are inducted at both organisational and site levels.

This ensures that you are aware of our Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Management System, comprised of the 13 Standards plus procedures and supporting documents, as well as being aware of the risks on-site including the controls in place to prevent injury or damage to the environment.

Entry to a Visy site will be allowed once you have provided evidence of completing both inductions. Printable certificates are available in the Learning Management System (LMS) once each course has been successfully completed.

When accessing the Induction site, you will require the following information for access:

Vendor ID:  Provided by Visy Procurement or your Visy contact
Further information required upon registration:
Company (Vendor) Name
Email address (work/employer or personal): login details and notifications from the system will be emailed to this address
Trade Licence (where applicable)

Note: All contractors must complete the required inductions.


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