Careers with us

Careers with usCareers with us

People really do matter to us here at Visy. Without our team of dedicated and passionate employees, we simply couldn't be where we are today. It's thanks to the strength of our people that we have grown from a small box maker to the world-class integrated packaging and recycling company we are today.

There are many facets to the Visy business - from engineering and accounting to economics, marketing and technology. Underpinning all these areas is a philosophy of sustainability, and a set of values we're genuinely proud of.

So what do we value at Visy?

  • Innovation
  • Customer focus
  • Passion and energy for the business
  • Relentless pursuit of lowest cost
  • Acting with a sense of urgency
  • Safety, integrity and respect for each other
  • Encouraging and developing excellent people

It should go without saying that we also value safety, and are 100% committed to ensuring our people behave safely in all parts of the business to create the best possible environment for everyone.

Our people

With our diverse mix of people, Visy is a melting pot of different skills and backgrounds. Regardless of where people come from, once they're part of Visy we encourage them to broaden their horizons and spread their wings. Many things are possible within the business, and our people are encouraged to design their own career paths and create their own successes.

As a private company, we appreciate people with an entrepreneurial spirit and 'can-do' attitude who have an appreciation of sustainability. We seek to hire people who are innovative, technologically savvy, environmentally responsible, community minded and have a desire to make things happen through constant positive change.

"Visy's goal is to become the most successful, sustainable private company in the world."     

Anthony Pratt, Executive Chairman  


In striving to be the best, we know we need to hire the best - from entry level upwards. This is why we have developed our Graduate Development Program, which gives talented graduates a structured entry into the world of Visy.

As part of this program, graduates can spend their first few years with us exploring many different parts of the business and developing a broad skillset as a result. By applying themselves to real jobs and project, graduates can learn on the job and ultimately relish in real successes.

Training and development

At Visy, we don't think learning should stop once you have been in the business for a few years.  After all, there's always something new to discover about the world around us, and who knows how that could affect our business? So we're committed to helping our employees learn and grow by giving them ample opportunities to do so.

Training programs are available to employees at all levels of the business, and we keep these up to date according to industry developments.

Current training and development opportunities include:

  • Induction Program
  • Supervisor Development Program
  • Management to Leadership Program
  • Management Development Program (Diploma of Management)
  • Visy Leaders Development Program
  • Visy Business Improvement Program (Lean Manufacturing)