Coding & Marking

Ink Jet Coding

Printing and labelling is an important part of many of our customers' businesses. Visy Technology Systems helps make it easier with the latest innovative ink jet marking technologies.

We develop, distribute and support a range of products including:

Hitachi Ink Jet Printer

Model RX, which is designed for the high-speed application of print data direct to products:

  • Low solvent consumption
  • Low maintenance
  • Large touch screen display
  • No external compressed air
  • Automatic self-cleaning at start-up and shut-down

HSAjet Ink Jet Printer

Ideal for high-resolution image reproduction:

  • Prints graphics, barcodes and fonts
  • High resolution, high contrast print quality
  • Customised touch screen operation
  • Uses blank cartons and prints online

Label Applicators

Need something labelled? Visy Technology Systems has a solution to suit all businesses big and small.

Our range includes:

Label Printers

We offer Label-Aire label applications and print and apply equipment:

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • High-speed
  • Built-in alert alarms
  • Unique non-contact blow-on label application
  • Configurable with SATO range print engines

CAB Label Printers

The perfect solution for desktop label printing:

  • Intuitive operating system
  • Innovative design
  • User friendly features
  • Designed and manufactured in Germany

Label Applicators Robotic

This style of label applicator boasts a wide range of benefits:

  • Smart label placement
  • Automatically issues, checks, applies and confirms pallet labels
  • Adapts to varying product dimensions
  • Allows you to avoid product printing and artwork
  • Data integrity and placement validation
  • Possible to integrate to real-time production reporting
  • Fully integrated with thermal transfer printers
  • Verification of print quality at source