We believe environmental awareness can never start too soon. So, we wanted to make a connection with the next generation who will inherit the planet, and teach them why the environment is so important.

To do this, we created Visy Enviromaniacs. It's an online educational hub designed to teach primary school-age children in Years 3 to 6 about our environment through the use of interactive, fun online games.  It focuses on teaching children about how to preserve and protect our environment and make the world a better place.

How to get involved

Students register online at www.visyenviromaniacs.com.au or www.visyenviromaniacs.co.nz and create their own character. They are then guided through a series of games that focus on issues such as recycling, energy, water, litter and packaging. By earning 'enviropoints' the students make their online world a better place - and all the while they're learning sustainable concepts which can be used in real life at school and home.

Lesson plans

To take the program one step further, we also developed lesson plans which teachers can use to engage with their students. Lessons plans support the current Australian and New Zealand curriculum criteria, and help reinforce key messages of the website.

"It is important for business to be involved in helping to educate young people about the environment, because we know that, along with climate change, it requires a positive and sustained response from both business and the community. By getting young people involved in a way that is both entertaining and educational through Enviromaniacs, it teaches them behaviour that can become part of their everyday life while also benefiting the environment."

Visy's Environmental Ambassador, Chris Judd

"Learning about the environment and how we can all play our part in protecting and improving it is now an established part of the school curricula. Visy's involvement in, and commitment to, providing educational tools such as Enviromaniacs helps to make the environment an interesting and enjoyable subject that children want to learn about, be it in the classroom or at home."

Daniel Vella, Vice Principal from Kurunjang Primary School

Visy Enviromaniacs - Live at Carlton Football Club

While online games are a great way of engaging kids, things get even more interesting when we take things offline. Visy Enviromaniacs, Live at Carlton Fooball Club is part of the Enviromaniacs program that enables kids to attend live clinics at Visy Park - along with live football stars from Carlton!

Aimed at kids in Years 3 to 6, clinics are each run by three Carlton players (all of whom are Visy Environmental Ambassadors). With a maximum of 60 kids per session, it really does give students a chance to get up close and personal with their footy heroes - and follow their example when it comes to the environment.

Clinics cover issues like recycling, water management and energy saving, and involve students and players sharing ideas in a hands-on, fun way. Interactive football activities also play part of the sessions to highlight the need for a healthy and active lifestyle.

2012 Enviromaniacs

Details for Schools:  


All clinics are held at Carlton Football Club's home ground, Visy Park, Royal Parade Carlton.

Player involvement

Three of the fifteen ambassadors will conduct the clinics at each session.

Target age group

Years 3 to 6, with a maximum of 60 students at each session.

Length of school visit

Each visit runs for approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.


All transportation to and from Visy Park is the responsibility of the visiting school. If you need further information, please contact Michael Feehan at the Carlton Football Club.

School requirements

To ensure that this program is successful and the students gain the most benefit out of the clinic, all schools involved are required to:

  • Fill out the registration form your preferred date and time for the visit.
  • Brief the students on the session prior to visiting Visy Park.
  • Ensure that a teacher is present during the clinic to maintain an appropriate duty of care of all participants. 
  • Ensure each student has completed their Visy Enviromaniacs workbook and they are taken to the clinic.

For further information contact Michael Feehan at Carlton Football Club or register online
Email: michael.feehan@carltonfc.com.au
Tel: 03 9389 6330
Fax: 03 9388 0326

2012 Environmental Ambassadors

Dennis Armfield
Paul Bower
Dave Ellard
Michael Jamison
Matthew Kruezer
Jeffrey Garlett
Aaron Joseph
Kane Lucas
Jarrad Waite
Rhys O'Keeffe
Marcus Davies
Jordan Russell
Ed Curnow
Eddie Betts
Sam Rowe